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"I have been training with Erin in the sport of pole for almost 3 years now. Never have I learned more and gained more confidence then with this amazing, bold woman!"
-A. F.


“The very first class I ever went to was a recommendation from a friend who said it was an amazing work out and the instructor was a blast. She was totally right! I didn't realize how much work I had put in until the next day when I could not pull up my own pants. I just had so much fun that all the effort I put in never hit me to the next day.


I decided that It was the best workout I had ever had and I wanted to go back because Erin had made it so much fun. She has always inspired me to push myself and continue to build up my strength, knowledge, and courage. She is an amazing teacher, instructor, friend and person! I only hope that one day I can be half as brilliant as her!”

-K. B. 


“I have been under the supervision and guidance of Erin for almost 2 years now. She is a fantastic teacher and coach, with an abundance of patience and knowledge. With her years of experience and abilities, Erin has accumulated quite a following here in the okanagan. She teaches not only at a beginners level, helping those who need that extra encouragement at the start, but at all levels! She continues to be learning herself and is committed to making what she teaches diverse and as fun as possible.


In any given week during a class you can find yourself not just working on executing tricks and moves, but also working on fluidity in our movements and piecing together combos and routines. I know each week that Erin will have an objective for the lesson, be it working solely on floor moves, or a new trick she has discovered during the week, and this instils confidence in me and the rest of the class. We are here to learn and Erin's passion and dedication has us coming back week after week.


Sure I may leave class some weeks feeling frustrated that my body isn't doing something I want it to - a trick that seems to want to defeat me - But the following class Erin will tell me this is the day I'm gonna do it. And even if I don't, she'll still tell me how I was so much better this week and how I've improved, even if I haven't! It's this encouragement and positive attitude that sees Erin’s class always fully booked.


From the high energy warm up and crazy dance moves, all the way to our fancy dress classes and disco ball, it's a fun filled class. You'll forget you are technically working out! Pole dancing has become my passion and a new way of thinking for me and I'm loving every second of it! Bruises and all!”

-I. H.


"when u meet her you will love her. She is one of those people that make the world brighter and fill it with possibility"-J.N.


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