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Online Pole Dance + Aerial Fitness is an authorized distributor and affiliate for the national industry leader in poles, X Pole

There are many options for poles, so if you are unsure of what you want, or have any skin/metal allergies, feel free to look at the FAQ section on the X-Pole website, after you follow the link below or get in touch via email to discuss options.



There are several options for pole manufacturers nowadays but we have a long history with Xpole and have always found them to be the best option for home and studio poles for not only quality but also customer service. 

There ARE fake X-Poles out there and there are other cheaper poles that you can find online. We recommend you invest in quality equipment so that when you are hanging backwards and upside down, you are in the safest position possible. Buying from the X-Pole site is the best way to ensure you are getting a real X-Pole.

You will want to consider: 

  • diameter preference (45mm is most common)

  • finish (chrome, brass, stainless steel, etc)

  • exact ceiling height where you want in installed

Diameter Preference

45mm is what we used in studio and what is most commonly used in competition. The old standard was 50mm, and there are some poles out there that are still that big, however the 50mm is difficult for most people to grip. 40mm is another diameter option, which might be helpful for people with really small hands, but the smaller surface area does make it pinch/hurt a little more as far as your leg/thigh hangs once you start inverting.


As it is the best of both worlds, we almost always suggest the 45mm and to focus on increasing your grip strength so that you have the advantages of the larger surface area on the 45mm for leg hangs and inverts. They all have different price points.


Poles come in many finishes as well and for overall usability, we usually suggest a chrome pole if you do not have metal allergies. If you have a nickel allergy, the stainless steel is the best option as the chrome finish does have a bit of nickel in it.


The silicone option isn't *often* used for most pole fitness applications because you can't really slide down it, although it is an option, metal poles are the most common. 

The finishes of the metal poles have different levels of "grippiness". The metal in a brass pole is more porous, which makes it the grippiest finish. The stainless steel is the least porous, making it less grippy. Chrome falls in the middle again as far as grip is concerned, which makes it the happy medium. They all have different price points as well.

Ceiling Considerations  

Get a measuring tape and be SURE of the exact ceiling height where you want to install it. The basic sets come with the extensions to fit a ceiling height from 7'6" to 9'. For other ceiling heights, you will need to add extensions. The Xpole site has a handy calculator when you are ordering to make sure you get the right extension, but just be sure you  measured properly :) 

If you have a vaulted ceiling  - check out the X-pole FAQ section, to look at your option for a different ceiling mount system. 


Static Only or Spin + Static

Many people don't realize it but many poles you see can also spin by themselves,  which is called spin-pole or spin mode. I use the spin+static model, called an X-Pert, which you can lock in Static or you can unlock it for Spin mode. The new X-Pert Pro poles do not require a hex key to change modes now either with the new X-lock technology!

Other Considerations

We do not suggest installing it over carpet if you can avoid it, any hard floor is the best choice. And make sure you have plenty of room around the pole. 


X-Stage is an option for those who want a freestanding pole too! It comes with an increased cost of course, but if you are looking for the most portability, this is an option! 


Follow the comprehensive manual provided by Xpole which will come with it - and read it all! It's very helpful! Additionally there are lots of online videos that provide a good visual aid on the Xpole Tech Support page and many topics covered on their FAQ page.


We definitely suggest you always learn your new pole tricks from a qualified and educated instructor who can teach you the proper technique until your are proficient in it. It's quicker, easier and safer than trying to teach yourself movements that can be dangerous.

We hope you found this helpful and if you use any of the links on this page to make your purchase, we do receive a small commission for the referral, so we do appreciate if you return here when you are ready to make your purchase. Thank you so much! :D


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